30+ ambassadors  are already making profit with the help of Starmoon products and services.


Starmoon’s Ambassador Program is designed for companies of all sizes. We are offering partnership to IT companies, IT and business consultants, and those considering opening a new business.

How to make profit with Starmoon?


Starmoon offers a wide range of products and services that can help your clients operate their business on a completely different level. We help companies to reduce their current running cost by implementing the latest technology which are running in the market. One product can solve many problems your clients are challenged by on a daily basis. Affordable pricing, and instant profit of each sale is a win-win for you and your clients.


Starmoon help companies to minimize the daily running cost & improve the productivity by our corporate training & development program.There are thousands of products and services and customized solutions for your clients. You can profit on Starmoon project implementations for your clients by providing value-added services, such as: 2D & 3D Software’s, Hardware, AMC Renewal & upgrading of hardware & software, app development, training, CRM and Website Development etc. we have data security we have trained manpower consultancy support for our customers.


While your Starmoon client's business grows, they are likely to request more user seats or new modules for their Starmoon product. Edition upgrades, maintenance subscription renewals, and other options - all this can generate up to 80% of additional profit from your initial sale. Keep in touch with your Starmoon clients. And get rewarded.

What are your benefits of being a Starmoon Ambassador Program?

Lucrative business opportunity, high income and caring support.

Ambassador discount

Starmoon deal thousands of products and services such as: 2D & 3D Software’s, Hardware, AMC Renewal & upgrading of hardware & software, app development, training, CRM and Website Development etc. You'll also make much more profit on value-added services.


As a Starmoon Ambassador, you can make an additional profit by providing your Starmoon clients with product installation or customization services, workflow automation, online training, and even custom app development services!

Free copies of not for resale license for you

Right after your Ambassador status is confirmed, you can claim your free premium subscription for Starmoon Cloud or an NFR (not-for-resale) license key for the products and services. Introduce Starmoon for your team, and collaborate using your free copy!

Free leads from potential clients

Depending on your Ambassador status you can receive free leads from one or many locations of your choice. Those are qualified leads with requests to implement a Starmoon project. No junk leads or angry cold lead contacts.

Brand Name

Starmoon as a Brand Name gives you the additional benefits in the terms of sale due to Great Market Visibility.

Hardware Support

We will be provide dedicated workstations for the presale activates.

Branding And Visibility Support

Starmoon provides dedicated sales and marketing, manpower support for our exclusive Ambassador . We also do handle backend like HR, Accounts, Digital Marketing etc. Our Team will help you on the need basis.

Marketing Materials

We will provide to our ambassador visiting cards, pamphlet, brochures, i- card, website etc.

Train The Trainer

Starmoon will give time to time free training to Ambassador’s Trainer.

A product you will definitely fall in love with!

15000+ organizations have chosen Starmoon products and services

+150 Softwares

Starmoon is a turn-key solution with all the softwares a company needs for driving more sales and automating workflows.

Highly addictive

Assign a new task to a colleague, make a phone call to a client, prepare a newsletter - all inside your Starmoon. Working comfortably every day in one place is highly addictive.

Free for Starmoon Ambassador

As a Starmoon Ambassador, you can use your Starmoon products and services copy with a premium subscription absolutely free of charge. Use the product to make internal processes more efficient for your team!

In high demand

There are more than 15000+ Starmoon sign-ups worldwide, and we're only getting started. The product perfectly meets the demand in organizing the digital workspace of large, medium, and small companies.

Starmoon Ambassador Program is profitable and reliable

Starmoon Ambassador Network is a fellowship of professionals.

If you share our values to be professional and attentive to a client's needs, we could be a perfect match! Starmoon is a partner-oriented company, giving its Partners the opportunity to provide all value-added services to the end-users. There would be no happy clients without skilled and caring Ambassador who are oriented for long-term relationships with their clients and the vendor.


Ambassador - is not just sales. Each Ambassador is our dear friend who is always welcome to actively participate in Starmoon product roadmap development, webinars, or offline events such as tradeshows and workshops. It's not uncommon that Partners from same or different locations team up and successfully implement Starmoon projects together.

Exceptional conditions

Trust and transparency are crucial for building a strong and mutually beneficial partnership. Starmoon Ambassador Program is straightforward and understandable. There are no set-up fees, no hidden costs. Benefits and requirements for each partner status are fair and unchanging.

Promo assistance

We develop and maintain marketing resources for our Partners to facilitate their promotion efforts - both online and offline. Product presentations, comparison charts, white-papers, certificates, logos, badges - we've got it covered!

Training and support

As a Starmoon Ambassador, you get a free product copy to test-drive all features and modules. You will also have access to the product documentation and API. We organize free webinars for our clients and Partners, and keep you informed about all product updates or discount campaigns throughout the year.

Partner Success Stories

"SAS Service have been partners of Starmoon for over 5 years. We chose to work with Starmoon because we loved the product and we have seen it get better every year since we started. We found the partner team supportive from the beginning which helped us get going in a short space of time.