ARES Mechanical is very designed for the requirements of 2nd mechanical CAD users and for those that use 3D CAD sometimes. whether or not you're a plant Layout Planner creating floor plans to position machines expeditiously in mind or a Maintenance Engineer creating revisions to existing DWG drawings, ARES Mechanical has the correct set of tools to assist you get the task done. Abstract Designers will use ARES Mechanical for making fast sketches or technical drawings.

Key Features of ARES Mechanical

Mechanical Standards

As a primary step you ought to envisage to choose a Mechanical normal for your project. ARES Mechanical supports international standards like ANSI in., ANSI Metric, BSI, DIN, ISO and JIS. The chosen normal can activate per-defined settings for your drawing in terms of designs, layers, frames and components libraries

Mechanical Parts

ARES Mechanical includes ready-to-use mechanical part-libraries such as: Bolts & Screws, Screw Connections, Nuts, Pins & Washers, Hole & Hole Table, Hole Callouts. You will realize these elements within the tool case ribbon of the Designer- planer space. They’re per-configured and normalized supported the mechanical standard you have got chosen for your project.

Designer-Planer Workspace

We created an obsessive program optimized for Mechanical style with fast access to any or all the options you would like. The Designer-Planer ribbon highlights within the initial tabs the highest level options required for a fast sketch of a replacement drawing.
In the tool chest tab of this ribbon you'll conjointly realize most of the mechanical options like the half libraries, holes, screw connections, BOM, symbols and revision tables.


ARES Commander could be a switch created simple – providing a well-recognized look & feel that's intuitive for any veteran CAD user. Rather more than a cheap various for DWG- editing, ARES Commander is creating no compromises in options and innovations.

Arer Commander 2020 Video

  • Available for Windows, macOS and Linux

  • Native DWG support

  • Create & Modify in 2D and 3D

A Professional Cross-Platform DWG CAD system Designed to require Your CAD anyplace