Program helps in making construction drawings, cross-sections and elevations and permits to draw walls, insert doors and windows, produce subject dimensionless and descriptions, as well as, use objects from the library of article of furniture and different instrumentation. A singular program feature is that the chance to form evacuation and safety plans.

CADprofi subject module may be bought severally or fully CADprofi Suite package, that contains all four CADprofi modules for five hundredth of the value.

Key features

  • wall thickness. Plan, cross-sectional, and elevation views area unit out there. For parametrical objects user will specify any dimensions and properties.
  • Dynamic determination of the direction of doors insertion that facilitate the proper positioning automatic shaping and marking of rooms with surface calculation.
  • Designing of stairs with the likelihood of determinative the size and variety of treads. Varied parts of stairs, from that user will build stairs with any variety of treads, area unit out there.
  • Insertion of roofs with the likelihood of conniving surface slopes, roof angles and its height.
  • Architectural orienting that's fitted to construction comes. Program permits user to alter designs and dimension units in spite of that planning unit was employed in the drawing (e.g. orienting in cm of drawing that were ready in mm). A singular feature is that the risk to convert a standard CAD orienting into subject area orienting.
  • Library of article of furniture, hygienically instrumentation, house appliances, plants and different.
  • Level symbols with automatic filling of indicated points ordinates.
  • Architectural symbols: holes, ventilation ducts, woodworking and woodwork markings, parcel slopes, geographic symbols, arrows, general symbols, etc.
  • Drawing and redaction emergency escape routes and plans.
  • Library of symbols, marks and signs from the health and safety, hearth protection and public data.
  • Designing is completed in accordance with designer’s habits and needs.
  • Metric or imperial units out there.
  • Tools for full description and comes particularization.
  • Automatic listing of objects.
  • A system of fast search of product within the info.
  • Access to CAD libraries of the many world legendary makers.
  • Possibility to big and increase the program users own symbols or objects.
  • Automatic layer management and printing designs permits user to attain prints with predefined line thickness, colors, etc.
  • Possibility to outline the list of "favorites" that enables to figure in accordance with user habits and preferences.
  • Possibility of adding your own translations or ever- changing the nomenclature that's employed in the program.
  • Smart insertion of objects with the likelihood of attaching them to different objects by exploitation the "one-click" technology.
  • Intelligent commands that provide playacting fast redaction operations on symbols and objects directly within the drawing.
  • Intelligent commands that provide playacting fast redaction operations on symbols and objects directly within the drawing.
  • Possibility to make bill of materials and specifications which will be either written or exported to multiple formats together with pdf, rtf (doc), xls, xml, csv, hypertext markup language and additional.
  • Automatic creation of graphical legends.
  • On-line facilitate with several illustrations and exemplary videos that designate in details a way to use the program.
  • On-line update system.

Evacuation plans and fire protection installations

CADprofi package may be a comprehensive application that helps in coming up with in each construction and trade, with explicit stress on plans and systems that make sure the safety of individuals staying in buildings.


You can simply amendment the language within the configuration program. Our software package is on the market through well-developed distributor’s network in several countries, due to this you'll be able to have mission in your language.

Ease of use

CADprofi may be a skilled constant quantity CAD application that immensely accelerates style work. The application’s convenient, easy interface makes it doable to totally use its options at once, while not the necessity of intensive code coaching.