Program helps in planning heating, water and waste material, gas, medical, fireplace safety, ventilation, air con, refrigeration, technological and alternative installation sorts in each construction and business. Intelligent insertion of symbols and objects, automatic drawing of installation views, creation of specifications and libraries of well-known makers are just some of the benefits of the appliance.

CADprofi HVAC & Piping module is bought singly or fully CADprofi Suite package, that contains all four CADprofi modules for five hundredth of the value. CADprofi HVAC & Piping module is bought singly or fully CADprofi Suite package, that contains all four CADprofi modules for five hundredth of the value.

Key features

  • Easy edition of P&ID schemes, heating, water and waste product strand diagrams, planning plans, cross-sections and alternative installation views.
  • Intelligent symbols that may be mechanically inserted into lines, line crossings or at any purpose. Further choices, that allow example for synchronic insertion of multiple symbols, greatly accelerates work.
  • Multivariate symbols that permits for straightforward configuration of shut-off or regulation valves, actuators, connections, distributors, risers etc.
  • Quick edition of schemes with the chance to use symbols inverting choices (e.g. dynamic the overflow direction), symbols zooming, good repeating, dynamic symbols, deleting symbols from lines etc.
  • Schematic lines, which might be drawn in bundles. Lines may be allotted with any marks, their sort and size may be conjointly determined.
  •  Further choices that allow instant reference to alternative objects or coil.
  • Visualization of style of lines that facilitates the suitable project preparation.
  • Predefined components of diagrams, heating circuits etc. with the chance to avoid wasting your own diagrams.
  • Drawing isometry and dimetry with automatic conversion of ordinary symbols and user symbols into isometric read.
  • Hydraulic calculations, choice of line length and automatic drawing of heating and hot H2O strand diagrams in KaMo/Delta libraries.
  • Drawing of real views of pipes and ventilation ducts with automatic insertion of acceptable fittings with the chance of their later edition.
  • Possibility to draw installation sequences with offset and with the chance to outline the sting (center, left, right) that makes it easier to draw as an example on walls or alternative installations.
  • Quick drawing of installation sequences on the indicated line (possibility to vary lines into pipelines or ventilation).
  • Parametric coil and alternative installation objects with automatic insertion into pipelines or ventilation. Throughout the insertion of parametrical objects to the project it's attainable to settle on customary sizes or self-define and store user own dimensions and kinds. Program conjointly permits user to import dwg or dxf files that are downloaded from maker’s websites.
  • Automatic association of lines to things and association of ducts and pipes employing a kind of connectors.
  • Easy edition of installation views, including: installation insulation, dividing pipelines and ducts into segments, dynamic the cross-sectional of pipes and ducts, dynamic the dimension of fittings etc.
  • System of steel (welded, flanged and threaded), copper, plastic, pressed, waste product and alternative pipes and fittings in schematic, general and careful views Creation of bill of materials/specifications, with the inclusion of specifications of ventilation installation prefab components with the calculation of ducts and fittings space in accordance with this standards.
  • Already ready components from the well-known makers, together with KSB, Valliant, Gesture, Salmon, Waving, Viessmann, Wilo, Reflex and lots of a lot of
  • Designing is finished in accordance with designers habits and needs.
  • Metric or imperial units accessible.
  • Tools for full description and comes particularization.
  • Automatic listing of objects.
  • A system of fast search of merchandise within the information.
  • Access to CAD libraries of the many world far-famed makers.
  • Possibility to big and augment the program users own symbols or objects.
  • Automatic layer management and printing designs permits user to attain prints with predefined line thickness, colors, etc.
  • Possibility to outline the list of "favorites" that permits to figure in accordance with user habits and preferences.
  • Possibility of adding your own translations or dynamic the language that's utilized in the program.
  • Smart insertion of objects with the chance of attaching them to alternative objects by victimization the "one-click" technology.
  • Intelligent commands that allow performing arts fast writing operations on symbols and objects directly within the drawing.
  • Possibility to make any diagrams, flowcharts, technological and practical schemes, algorithms.
  • Possibility to make bill of materials and specifications that may be either written or exported to multiple formats together with pdf, rtf (doc), xls, xml, csv, markup language and a lot of.
  • Automatic creation of graphical legends.
  • On-line facilitate with several illustrations and exemplary videos that specify in details the way to use the program.
  • On-line update system.

Evacuation plans and fire protection installations

CADprofi software system may be a comprehensive application that helps in planning in each construction and trade, with specific stress on plans and systems that make sure the safety of individuals staying in buildings. Many modules square measure on the market that facilitate in planning trade comes associated with fireplace protection and evacuation.


You can simply amendment the language within the configuration program. Our computer code is offered through well-developed distributors network in several countries, because of this you'll have military mission in your linguistic communication.

Ease of use

CADprofi could be a skilled constant quantity CAD application that immensely accelerates style work. The application’s convenient, easy interface makes it attainable to completely use its options directly, while not the necessity of intensive software package coaching.